Music mastering for Audiojungle, Pond5 and other stock libraries.

 If you’re a composer or a producer that writes music for stock music libraries like Audiojungle, POND5 or other music licencing services, and you are looking for a service that can do that final polish and master a track or your whole portfolio library  for a greater chance of acceptance and industry standards – we might have a deal for you!

Now here at Wavemills we are offering service to master your tracks in bulk or as single tracks. Online stock music libraries like Audiojungle have high industry standards for new music acceptance and a lot of times reviewers ‘hard reject’ the tracks just because the mastering hasn’t been done properly or at all! Here we can polish your track to it’s full potential with professional mastering. Although libraries like POND5 has much higher music acceptance rate and lower standards then Audiojungle you can still benefit from mastering your tracks which can lead to more sales and the same track master can be used for all the distribution and stock sites. That said – we can not guarantee that mastering your track will pass the review and get accepted because there are lots of factors that these sites are taking in account, like track arrangement, instruments used, the quality of the mix and the style of music (they might reject it because they don’t believe it’s going to do well commercially, or is too niche, however you can always upload it to different stock libraries!).

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Master your tracks in bulk – you can send one track or your whole library, we offer discounts on bulk orders, then more tracks you want to master then smaller the price! And if your track has more then one variation (one with vocals, one without, or one short version and one long, for example) we will master them (up to 3 variations) for the price of one track!
  • Add the library watermark (if required)  – some of the libraries do this task for you some don’t. Audiojungle requires you to do this on your own. You just have to send the mix as we will take care of the watermarks after mastering (if required).
  • Prepare the final masters in your chosen formats  – if you are aiming at Audiojungle, we can send you back a ready package with the required files – Mp3 preview with the watermark sample over it, a zip package with mastered WAV and MP3 files. Just let us know what format you wan’t the tracks to be and we will deliver. 
  • Review and comment on your mix before mastering – a lot of tracks get rejected because the mix is not up to the standards and the mastering process can only improve the over-all quality of it. So for better results we can provide you with our thoughts of the mix itself before we even start mastering. We can not guarantee that the particular library will accept your track after all these steps because there are many factors to it but we can work with you to make your track sound better!

The mastered versions can be used in all the music licencing libraries (16bit, 44,1khz WAV files, if not requested otherwise), so if some of the hardest sites reject a track it can be for many different reasons even if the quality is up to the standard, and the best solution would be to sell the tracks on sites that accepts and promotes the genre.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here! And the free mastering sample still applies!

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